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Hempleman Equestrian takes great pride in breeding their own stock from a selective number of top quality Broodmares proven in the sport with super conformation, willing attitudes and breeding lines. They also breed on behalf of clients to produce and sell to selected buyers.

Hempleman Equestrian has a great system managing the Broodmares from start to finish - Insemination, Pregnancy, Foal Alarms (Sigloo), Foaling down, After care, Handling of the foal, Turnout etc. 

Once the mares are pregnant, meticulous care is taken over them, right up to the birth of their foals and beyond. Constant attendance by Alex and his Stud / Yard Manager Matt, we use our preferred veterinary practice, Sussex Equine Hospital. 

When the foals are born, they are carefully nurtured as they mature towards initial training. When they’re ready, we begin our tried-and-tested ongoing programme of schooling which enables us to produce some of the best young stock around.